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We fly drones since 2012 and currently are one of the most qualified drone operator companies in Spain. We work with the best camera operators and pilots in town, with more than 10 years of professional experience.

We are licensed by EASA as UAS Operator and fully insured for your next project. And we have all the permits to fly over cities and controlled airspace.

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We are Drones Barcelona
Aerial Filming Artists

Aerial Video & Photography

Stunning Images

With our drone team we capture videos and photographies in high resolution, from spectacular angles and perspective, flying up to 120m high.


Success from above

We are ready to join your TV or Publicity filming team. We have a long experience in this projects, working with the best TVs and international brands.

Sports & Events

Raise the moment

Experience that special moment from a new point of view. We capture magic and killer shoots in Live Events, sports and ceremonies. We create on site actions that involve the audience and personalize brand experiences.

Real Estate

Market your place

We are experts in Commercial and Residential Real Estate. We use aerial photography & video to increase the esthetic value of the property and sorroundings, offering a new perspective.




Save time and money

We capture the perfect shot for your construction or inspection. We study all angles and geo position shots to study the evolution. We score perfect angles for your 3D rendering.


Your creative video

If besides the stunning images you need a finished video, we offer you a complete finished audiovisual product with a creative and impeccable edition.


Enjoy the flight!!

During the past months we have worked in different projects full of adventure.

We fly and learn with
Our Clients

We fly and learn with
Our Clients

Our team Flies High
The sky is no longer the limit

Matrice 600

Inspire 2 + X7

Mavic 3 Cine

FPV Drones

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