Cinematic FPV Drone



Cinematic FPV Drone is the perfect tool for filming smooth, dynamic and cinematographic images, between obstacles, in a safe way; capturing the essence of the space and subjects involved, or flying smooth and fast through an immense valley.

The first FPV drone (first person view) videos were really about flying skills, either drone racing or freestyle flight, in which the captured video was incidental to the flight itself.  As FPV equipment has evolved and piloting skills have improved, it’s opened up endless possibilities for much more cinematic content, in which the objective is to create highly entertaining visual content via camera-equipped FPV quads.

It is a relatively new style of drone created because filmmakers and the audiovisual industry needed a smaller and safer option for shooting in tight spaces or with special features (Warehouse, industrial buildings, forests, rivers, cliffs, etc.)

The Cinematic content tends to be smoother and dynamic than technical freestyle flight, and the settings are chosen more for their visual attraction than for the technical flying skills they demand.  Providing cinematic footage, at high speeds, and with zero limits.

With Cinematic FPV Drone, achieving good results and perfect shots depends 100% on the skills of the pilot. It is vitally important, and we must always take into account, the flight hours of the pilot, his creativity and audiovisual experience. It is not useful just being the best racing specialist. This technique obviously requires being agile and having reflexes when piloting the drone, but you must also be creative and skillful in choosing the best angles and perspectives for the particular shots. Contracting a specialized and experienced drone operator company in audiovisual shootings, is the clue.


The best way to understand this style of video and the great difference with the other FPV drones, is to watch it. Bellow we share some of the most stunning videos and after that we’ll analyze their outstanding characteristics.




A New Era of Aerial Images with Cinematic FPV Drone


Now that you have seen the technique in action, let’s analyze what’s New and the differences with the standard drones.


  • These FPV Drones get more dynamic and spectacular shots than the usual shots of the stabilized classic drones. With a slower speed than a racing drone and achieving impressive results. The stabilization software hypersmooth 3.0. (GoPro 9) or ReelSteady Go helps you capture smooth, stable shots, so that you can skip the stabilization process in post-production.


  • Pilots fly 100% in manual (acro mode) without any help from the drone, which helps to empower the possibilities of the drone like never before.


  • It allows you enlarge any location with stunning aerial shots, with extreme high and low angles close to the ground, and panoramic shots that will surprise and captivate the audience.


  • Cinematic FPV Drone can fly in winding terrains or complicated structures, capturing spectacular shots in free fall (diving).


  • The Drones most used in this kind of filming, are the ones with 3” propellers (Cinewhoop Drones), great to pass and rush the shots through very small spaces, safely; and those of 5 “and 7”, to make long range shots (great tours in nature, ideal for tourist promotion and action shots).


  • The added value is that we can combine FPV Drones with the latest models of action cameras (Go Pro, Osmo Action, etc.). Achieving stability to obtain striking, smooth and dynamic images.


  • Unlike DJI Drones (Mavic, Phantom or Inspire) the pilot doesn’t fly in the line of sight, but through FPV goggles. This allows the pilot to have more precision and control during filming. Besides, Pilots have the option of infinite training sessions with professional drone flight simulators.


cinematic fpv drone


Drones Barcelona is an operator company based in Barcelona with more than 5 years of experience in the drone industry and one of the few providers in Spain to offer creative drone filming abilities with Cinematic FPV Drone. These new drones and techniques allow us to get shots that ordinary drones simply cannot get.

Do you need to shoot that stunning chase scene of cars or moto bikes? What about catching that unique angle of an immense valley or sea coast? We combine the technology from high speed racing, freestyle drones, and a competitive drone shooting background to let us get those difficult action shots and unique cinematic perspectives.

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