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Professional Drones Barcelona allows companies to work with the latest drone and camera technology. Hiring an AESA authorized drone company, you are able to capture professional and creative aerial images according to Spain’s drone current law.

Drones help shoot images that we wouldn’t be able to obtain in any other way and there for every day more companies trust in Professional Drones Barcelona. It’s the key to success. Big companies and SME that invest in innovation and update subcontract this service.

Drones fly over the service business, beating for innovation, creativity and professionalism. Drone Rental Spain increases the effectiveness of a project and revalues your company.


Professional Drones Barcelona


            Why hire Professional Drones Barcelona ?

Infinite Possibilities. Hire a professional drone company allows to merge creativity and professionalisim. Opening a new world of possibilities and solutions for each project. Drones reach where humans can’t and their apps are infinite: industrial or pest control, advances in construction, aerial publicity for companies and brands, social & sport events, etc.

Reasonable price, professional work. Drone companies reach with their drone fleet, with a reasonable price, too inaccessible places and capture impossible images at first sight. If we compare the investment this service requires with the amount companies have spent on renting helicopters or human teams, the Drone Rental Spain comes cheap.

Technical service with no risk. Security and speed at work are the keys and advantages of Professional Drones Barcelona. You avoid hiring persons to perform risky jobs, thanks to a professional pilot on land and an aircraft with precise flight in the air. Now a days to decrease risks is an all companies objective.

Easy going work. The use of professional drones, sensors, applications and gadgets helps manage projects in a more simple and efficient way. A good example is how the media and production companies see drones like the perfect tool to tell their stories in the best way possible: demonstrations and concerts, natural disasters and wars, and of course sports. All done with a reduced team and a stunning outcome, professional and creative images.

Legal. AESA and the Spanish drone law of this last January 2108 is less demanding and more specific. In the Spanish territory drone commercial flights only can be executed by AESA authorized drone companies. All activity out of this law faces high sanctions and security risks. Companies must understand that Professional Drones Barcelona must be done through an authorized company.

Drone rental in Spain ensures companies : professionalism, creativity, security, legality and savings.