Drone Rules Barcelona must be taken very seriously. The use of drones for commercial and recreational purposes in Spain, is regulated by the State Agency for Air Safety [AESA] under the Spanish Ministry of Development.

In AESA’s web site you can find all the regulations, exceptions and situations you must undertake when flying a drone or contracting a professional drone team in Barcelona. In this article we want to resume the basics to this regulation.

There is also a very useful web site, completely linked to AESA, called www.drones.enaire.es . They have interactive maps with areas where you can or can’t fly. In case there is a need of permits for flying a drone they provide the name of the institution, aerodrome or directly show you the law that prohibits flying there. Here you have an example of the maps they provide.


drone rules barcelona


Down to basics. What do I need to know about Drone Rules Barcelona?


Before you decide to produce drone works in Barcelona you must have a basic knowledge of Drone Rules Barcelona.

You can’t just bring your drone and pilot from your country and start flying anywhere. All drone operators must be accredited and drones must have an identification plate attached to their structure, issued in Spain. It is the duty of the professional drone operators you contract to adapt their documents and procedures to the new legal AESA framework.


What’s NEW for professional pilots and Drone Rules Barcelona ?


The good news are that with this new regulation, there are some services now authorized under special conditions that were not possible some years ago.
But the not very good news are that, even though the conditions have changed and drone operators were hopeful to start working, things aren’t exactly working smoothly. They’ve stated the conditions but up to today no drone operator has received the permit to fly over urban areas, buildings, agglomeration of people, night flights, etc. The rules are developed, but no one can proceed because the permits don’t exist. Nevertheless done operators now are looking at the European Drone Laws. Spain will start regulating the drone industry under the European Law starting July 2021.

drone rules barcelona

Where and How can I fly a drone in Barcelona?


Once Barcelona drone operators start receiving the permits, they will be required the next conditions:

Overflights in urban areas and over agglomeration of people


Maximum take-off mass of aircraft cannot exceed 10 kg,

The operation must be performed within the visual range of the pilot (VLOS),

You can’t exceed 120 meters in height or 100 meters horizontally with respect to the position of the pilot

The area to be flown must be cordoned off by the competent authority, or in other case, maintain a minimum horizontal distance of 50 meters with buildings or other structures,

The aircraft must have installed an impact energy limitation system (parachute, airbag …) and must have authorization from AESA through the realization of a aeronautical safety study.

Night flights will be allowed with authorization of AESA through the presentation of a specific security study. In addition, the aircraft must incorporate devices that guarantee visibility (lights, paint …).

Controlled airspace (CTR) flights


These will only be allowed for drones that equip an S-mode transponder and must have adequate communications equipment. In addition, the pilot must accredit radiophonist knowledge. In such a critical flight, AESA will have to issue an explicit approval upon presentation of a safety study.

Flights outside the visual range of the pilot (BVLOS)


With aircraft with MTOW> 2 Kg will be allowed as long as the aircraft has systems that detect and avoid other airspace users and are approved by AESA. In addition, the aircraft must have installed a vision device facing forward and must have authorization from AESA based on an aeronautical safety study.

Flights within the increased visual range (EVLOS)


Will be allowed through the figure of intermediate observers as long as the direct vision of the aircraft is guaranteed at all times. In addition, intermediate observers should be in continuous communication with the pilot via radio.

drone rules barcelona

How can Drones Barcelona help you with your shooting?


We can help you find the best solutions for your shooting with our Drone Services.  We have a great variety of shooting locations, a professional drone fleet and other techniques for shootings. Even though there are areas where we can’t fly, there are many beautiful and cinematographic places where drones are welcome. We help you with all kind of permits: Natural Parks, rural areas or around small aerodromes.

The best procedure is to talk to your provider and find the best legal way to produce the shooting with drones in Spain. An important concept is that all permits are not delivered in the same day that they are ordered. We always must ask for these permits with a minimum of 10 days in advance.

CONTACT US and FLY with the best Drone Fleet & Pilots.