Drone Works in Barcelona


Drone works al over the world have become an incalculable source of information for the study of geography and biogeography. In addition to its commercial use, it is essential for industry, architecture, archaeological studies and audiovisual media.

Drones are part of our airspace and common tools that make their way in big steps. However, few countries are preparing for the wide range of services they will offer in the near future.

Europe is currently studying the drone laws that will regulate our airspace for the upcoming decades. Meanwhile, in Spain drone operators work with the 2018 Drone Law published by our government and the ASESA (Aerial Agency for Air Security). These laws are probably among the most restrictive in Europe. Most of the professional pilots do enormous efforts to follow the law and shoot stunning images. The country is full os stunning landscapes and production shooting teams have a long experience in audiovisual works and drone industry.


Tips to contract legal & professional drone works in Barcelona



The Basic Rules


The first detail to consider when contracting drone works is that in Spain a foreign pilot (not even European) can’t fly his own drone for commercial purposes. He can’t even fly a certified Spanish rented drone. If you want to shoot aerial images with a drone you must contact a Drones Barcelona local drone operator and hire their services. They will use Spanish certified drones and pilots for the aerial works and will strictly follow Drone Rules Barcelona.


The Professionals


Before contracting a professional drone in Barcelona for your aerial works make sure they have an oficial AESA certification, an insurance and that they work with licensed pilots. You can ask them to send you all these documents. If you work with a non certified pilot and drone the fines can reach a bunch of thousands of euros, and an immediate cancelation of the shooting. So make sure you have all documents to the date and legal. The good news are that all Spanish big cities have professional drone teams. It’s a country with a long tradition in shootings so it’s not difficult to find good professionals.


Drone Works Inspire 2


The legal flight


In Spain we are lucky enough to have a professional map where you can perfectly see if the area where you want to fly is legal or not for drone works, or if you will need specific permits. The page is called ENAIRE. This is where Spanish pilots find their answers!

The drone company you hire will take a look at this map to make sure you are flying in a legal area. If they are good professionals they will have contacts to ask for permits if necessary. Or will advice you to change to another better location.

Don’t panic. There are beautiful places in Spain where you can legally fly with no need of permits!


The Forbidden Locations


YES, we know, Barcelona city center and other magical cities in Spain are so cinematographic! But for the moment no flying permits have been given to drone operators to fly there. If you want to fly over cities in Spain talk to your production team on site and they will let you know where you can fly. Maybe a change of location may be the solution. If you want to keep legal make sure you check those no fly zones.

Make sure when shooting in Spain that your team sticks to the rule and contracts professional DRONE WORKS !!