Drones Barcelona drone services allows companies to work with the latest technology in drones and cameras. Hiring an AESA authorized operator company, will help you capture the best professional and creative aerial images. It is the key to success. Large companies and SMEs that invest in innovation subcontract our drone services. We fly over business, seeking innovation, creativity and professionalism.

Drones Barcelona drone services increases the effectiveness of a project and revalues ​​the company.


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Why hire drone services with Drones Barcelona?


Infinite possibilities. Hiring our drone services allows merging creativity and professionalism. Giving rise to an infinite world of possibilities and solutions for each project. Drones arrive to where humans can not and their applications are endless: industrial survey, construction progress, aerial advertising, sports & events, etc.

Reasonable price, professional team. Drone operators allow to work with drone services within a “much more reasonable” price. Shooting in all areas, they capture impossible images at first sight. If we compare the investment that this requires with what companies have spent on renting other equipment, our drone services are definitely the best option price-quality.


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Best Technical service zero risk. Security and effectiveness are the keys to hire drone services with Drones Barcelona. It prevents from performing risky work, thanks to our professional pilots on the ground and an accurate fleet in the air. Nowadays reducing risk is a goal for companies.

Simplification. The use of professional drones, sensors, applications and gadgets helps to manage the project in a simplified and efficiently way. We no longer need of a huge team or logistic to communicate or shoot. Just with a drone and a pilot we can reach anywhere in a short time.

Legal. AESA and the Spanish Drone Law 2018 are less demanding and more specific than earlier laws. But still, in Spain commercial flights with drones can only be done by authorized AESA operators. Any activity outside this law faces very high penalties and safety hazards. In addition, AESA does not allow the hire of drone services operated by unlicensed pilots. That is why we strictly follow Drone Rules Barcelona.

Working with Drones Barcelona ensures companies: professionalism, creativity, safety, legality and savings.